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The Prose of Cons

Opinion: Conservatism Causes Cancer: A Drudge Report Exclusive

OPINION: For anyone with an I.Q. above seventy, the Drudge Report is a wasteland of filth, bile, lies, and dreck. So when it was reported that a former writer for that site published an expletive-riddled story equating conservatism with cancer, a great many people took note.
Opinion: The Seven Pillars of Perfidy

Opinion: The Seven Pillars of Perfidy

OPINION: The seven core positions of conservatives pose a very real threat to democracy in the United States. You have undoubtedly noticed some of their more onerous activities, but it might be instructive to examine their seven subversive doctrines all at once. Hold your nose and let's start wading through the muck of the Seven Pillars of Perfidy.

Mayor Bloomberg and Mex President Pena Nieto Help N. Americans Win Battle of the Bulge

OPINION: After Mexico became No. 1 in obesity and diabetes in June, their new President Pena Nieto surprisingly recommended as a solution the no-carb herbal sweetener stevia discovered by the South American tribes. And while soda lovers criticized Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign to reduce the size of sodas, most fit Americans and Mexicans cheered on their bold interventions.
Space Chronicles

Out There: Book review of 'Space Chronicles' by Neil deGrasse Tyson

BOOK REVIEW: How much humor do you expect from an astrophysicist? How much passion? What should be the ratio of fact to fancy in the essays of a scientist? With Neil deGrasse Tyson, you get an enjoyable mixture of levity and reality on a subject that might hold the key to your future.

Battling Extremism: Book review of 'The Center Holds' by Jonathan Alter

BOOK REVIEW: Every presidential election is deemed crucial to America but with the choice of Obama versus the obviously unqualified Mitt Romney, it was more than crucial; it was imperative. In the detailed yet fast-paced 'The Center Holds,' author Jonathan Alter takes you inside the campaigns and reveals some of the evil forces backing the GOP.
August Gus Jaccaci

What Would President Jefferson Say this 4th of July?

OPINION: On this 4th of July, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for the U.S. and many World Citizens if President Thomas Jefferson, the author of our Declaration of independence and Bill of Rights, came back at this pivotal time to coach us on getting our Grand Experiment in Democracy back on course?
Review 'The Unwinding' by George Packer

In Decline: Book review of 'The Unwinding' by George Packer

BOOK REVIEW: The deterioration of our country during the past three-and-a-half decades makes for a broad canvas but author George Packer provides insightful detail and hits some emotional high points. There was an incredible battle in the United States from around 1978 until right now, a conflagration that did not emphasize armed conflict but which decimated large chunks of the basic goodness of our nation.

Bigotry Backed by SCOTUS

COMMENTARY: Do not get too excited about the good news for marriage rights because the troglodyte half of the Supreme Court has gutted a...

Congress: Honor Senator Lautenberg and Generations by signing his Chemical Safety Improvement Act!

OPINION: New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg(D), a phenomenal champion of American Children and Nature, passed on last week at 89. At his NY funeral he was deeply honored by half the Senate on both sides of the aisle, plus NJ Governor Chris Christie (R), Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden for his passion and foresight in saving millions of Americans through his No Smoking law, raising the drinking age to 21, and fighting for women’s rights and gun control.

GOP Extreme: Book Review of 'It's Even Worse than it Looks' by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein

BOOK REVIEW: Want to know how and why Washington is such a mess? Two respected analysts of governmental policy, one from the progressive Brookings Institution and the other from the troglodyte American Enterprise Institute, demonstrate that the GOP is at fault.